Emergency Response Team Protect Your Asset

One day, my friend told me that his factory was caught in fire.

 I was shocked and asked : “What’s happened next ?” He said: “I ran away from my office (I laughed when I heard that) while my staffs immediately connected the hydrant with fire hose in less than one minute and they putted out the fire before the Fire & Rescue Department (BOMBA) came.” Then, I was surprised and asked: ” How did your staffs manage to put out the fire?” He replied proudly: ” We have fire fighting rehearsal every 3 months.”

It’s a true sharing and it’s important to form a fire fighting Emergency Response Team (ERT) for a company which hire more than 40 workers under OSHA act 514, section 30. As a competent ERT, they must know the right ways to put out the fire with fire extinguishers, fire hose , etc. and knowledge of first-aide, liked Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). So, ERT need to be trained at least once a year under service instruction chapter 8, section 2A

If you are looking for fire fighting training, you should take note on 3 things. 

(1)  Is the trainer from Fire & Rescue Department (BOMBA) on duty officer?

(2) Is the training outline cover all the necessary skills & knowledge according to the Guideline on OSHA?  

(3) Is the training conduct at your worksite? 

Here, SP Jaya is the solutions for you. 

(1) Our trainers are HRDF certified trainers and they are Fire & Rescue Department (BOMBA) on duty officer. 

(2) Our training duration is 2 days, but cover all the necessary skills and knowledge according to the Guideline on OSHA 

(3) Our training can be conducted at your worksite  and and training outline is tailored according to your worksite. 

Furthermore, we also assist our client to claim from HRDF with giving you a peace of mind. 

Click here to know more our training class and we will attend to you shortly if you need more info.

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