Learn From The Poor

If you are facing difficulties in getting job, then you must read the story of a Bangladeshi worker in Malaysia. His live might inspire you. So, this is a true story of a carpenter, Md Ali who was working in a furniture factory. He has working in Malaysia more than 3 years. Coincidentally, we had a nice chat while waiting for his medical test. 

As always, I feel curious to know how long the foreign worker wish to stay in Malaysia. But, Md Ali answer was surprise to me. In fact, he wished  to go home once his brother & sister finish the study in another 5 (five) years. On top of that, his sister is studying for Master’s degree. How amazing! Despite that, he has started a small business at hometown and his elder brother is taking care for him. If you think this is the end of story, you were wrong. Md Ali is learning to sell his  product through e-commerce. 

What can we learn from Md Ali? 

  1. Set a clear goal. Md Ali knows clearly what’s he working for  and how long he will work in Malaysia. Perhaps, everyone should has an objective goal and a time line before starting a career. In fact, I like to ask the job seekers about their goal during interview. Unfortunately, most of the answers were disappointing. 
  2. Work with a plan. Md Ali made a pretty good plan before leaving Malaysia. Despite his family living, he also worked really hard to earn his capital to start business at hometown. As you know, work hard is not enough to keep your career. As a matter of fact, you need to work smart to get promotion with a plan. 
  3. Never stop to learn. Although Md Ali didn’t finished his study, he is learning e-commerce trading without a tutor. After you left the school, how long have you never been read a book or attend a training ? Knowledge is the key to solve problems. Hence, never stop learning is the best way to get the keys. 

Recently, more fresh grad in 2020 fall into the lower salary scales compared to the year 2019 due to economic downturn. Anyhow, don’t be upset. It’s never too late to act now. Learn from the poor and everyone can have a bright future in career. 

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