Should Contractor Register With CIDB ?

It is mandatory for all local & foreign contractors to register with the CIDB since 1995 before undertaking construction works in Malaysia. In short, what is CIDB? CIDB stand for Construction Industry Development Board which is introduced to develop capacity and capability of the construction industry by improving the quality and productivity with emphasis on professionalism, innovation and knowledge, in order to improve the quality of life.

In that case, is the registration process complicated ? No, It’s easy. Here we attach the minimum requirement for the contractor registration in different grade. In fact, you will be recognized for two (2) years for fresh applicant. Apart from this, you will need to attend Contractor Continuous Development (CCD) courses to earn CCD points for next renewal.

Note: Group A is degree holder in related field with construction, while Group B is diploma holder in related field with construction. 

Note: You will  enjoy 50% discount on registration fee if you make renewal on 30 days before expiry. 

Renewal CCD Points for 1 Year
G1 and G2
G3 and G4
G5 and G6

Note: You can renew your certificate with maximum three (3) years. 

Still not sure to register with CIDB ? Here are the benefits you should register with CIDB. 

  1. Non-registered contractor can be fined not more than RM 50,000.00 under act 520.Thus, it’s risky to run a job without a certificate.
  2. You need a certificate when tendering a project. Therefore, you may miss a great opportunity without a certificate which comply the requirements when tendering a project. 
  3. You need a certificate to make a claim from bank or developer. In most cases, you don’t want your cheque to be delayed. 

Why wait? Act now to register with CIDB and feel free to reach us by click here.

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