Grab Driver and Factory Worker

No matter how much salary is offered, you still find hard to recruit a local? Even though the unemployment rate climbed to 4.8%  in Jun 2021, the jobless locals are not interest with the operation work in factory. Eventually, the locals like to join the digital platform, Grab as a logistic service provider without basic wage. 

Here’s the difference between the Grab Drive & Factory Worker. 

Grab Driver
Factory Worker
Type of Agreement
Contract for Services
Contract of Services
Protect by Employment Act
Type of Wage
Pay by contract service rate
Basic Wage (Monthly/Daily/Hourly/Piece Rate)
Working Hours

Based on the table, work as a factory woker enjoy more benefits. But, the failure of hiring the local for operation work in factory showed that they are not interest with the job security or higher pay. As of now, they have more options to make their living. For that, they can decide how much they earn and how they work because be a Grab driver is liked owning a business. 

Despite that, a Grab driver can earn more than a factory worker if they work smart and hard. Based on our interview, they can earn average gross monthly income at rm 3k and more. Although the driver need to bare the vehicle maintainance cost, but the younger generation who are jobless or poor educated especially like to join Grab. 

So, the Convict Hull Theory said that a bad system can cause a good man kind become bad, wherease a good systmem also can cause a bad man kind become good. In my view, the basic wage system under employment act can’t attract a local to work as factory worker , construction worker, etcs. Therefore, it’s time to revise your recruitment and award system. 

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