Foreign Worker Management #4

During the 18th century, the Great Britain sent the prisoners to Australia by outsourcing the transportation to the convict hulk owners. But, many prisoners were died before they reach Australia. Due to the inhumanity, the Great Britain was blamed by the society. 

For that, the Great Britain revised the service contract. Initiailly, they paid for the transportation at each trip. After the revision, the service provider only can claimed the number of survived prisoner. Eventually, the service provider improved the prisoners welfare and more prisoners were survived. 

Therefore, a good system can help the employee outperfom, wherease a poor system also can cause the employee underperform. Here are the simple steps to start.  

  1. Identify the nature of job. Is it a skillful job? Does a fresh candidate manage to run the job after training? Is it easy to get new replacement?
  2. Look for the right candidate. Try to look for more candidates (if any) because he/she may resign before the contract mature. Despite that, make sure there is always a substitute for the job. 
  3. Set your Key Perfomance Indicator (KPI). KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a worker deliver a job. However, you need a supervisor or tool to monitor the KPI. 
  4. Set your employee reward strategy. Based on the Western Effect, over rewarding employee can reduce the productivity. Therefore, know your operation cost and don’t burden your cost just for the incentive plan. 
  5. Monitor your goal. Make sure the workers clear with the goal and understand the employee reward strategy. Consequently, training and coaching are important for the workplace productivity. 

Last but not least, we will share the success cases for next blog. Stay tuned with us.  

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