How To Make Your Workplace Safe

As a responsible employer, its important to reduce injury and illness at work. Therefore, staying healthy and safe at work is important. Besides that, a safe workplace will help you to recruit worker faster and earn goodwill. Or you can be fined up to RM50,000 or imprisoned not more than 2 years if workplace is unsafe. Click here for the news of Neglecting safety is an offence.

Here are the common practices to create a safe workplace. 

Safety Training 

Most of the accident happen because worker do not familiar with the working site, liked how to operate a machine correctly. Therefore, safety training orientation should be organized for new hires to understand the risk although they may worked as same position at previous company. Besides that, safety training should be organized regularly for on duty workers because they should be well trained to run the machine correctly and able to deal with hazard at workplace, liked fire fighting. To know more our training class, click here

Well Maintained Machine

Your machine shouldn’t be forced to operate if malfunctioning. Besides that, machine should be service regularly by certified technician according to schedule and never modify your machine if you don’t have related knowledge. If possible, upgrade your machine with safety features. For instance, a sawmill cutter with trigger auto-stop feature is the best option to prevent major woodworking injuries. Off-course, the operator should be trained accordingly and learn how to maintain the machine before he/she run the machine. As a result, your machine life span can also be prolonged. 

Wear Suitable Suit 

Wearing a protective equipment to suit the task is depend on working site. Off-course, some operations liked construction and manufacturing must follow the guidelines on OSHA.  For instance, construction worker must wear safety helmet and safety shoe when performing construction activity. Working at dusty environment, workers are required to wear full mask. However, wearing safety suits is not comfort. So, your workers need to be  educated and you might need to enforce some punishment on those workers who not following the instructions. 

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

For company which hire more than 40 workers under OSHA act 514, section 30, forming a emergency response team (ERT) is a must. Therefore, ERT must be trained regularly according to schedule by certified trainer.  So, a capable ERT should have knowledge of first aid and know how to deal with hazard liked fire disaster and chemical spillage at workplace. Off-course, you can form ERT although your company seize is less than 40 workers because they can  protect company asset and save life when accident happen. 

Scheduled Break 

Staying fresh and alert will avoid accident. So, you can schedule the daily difficult tasks when your workers concentration is best, liked first thing in the morning. Nevertheless, some accidents are caused by human faulty, liked drunk or drug abuse So, never let those un-sober workers to enter workplace. Besides that, preparing a comfort place is another good idea for your workers to take a break. For instance, a air-conditioned canteen or rest room which they can enjoy meal or take a nap during rest hour or a well managed hostel for the workers to rest after work. 

If you are facing problems in getting workers for your hazardous workplace, the above ideas will surely improve your workplace safety and attract more workers. In case you want to know get workers for 3D (Dirty, Dangerous & Difficult) jobs?  Click here to send your enquiry and we will attend with you shortly. 

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