Manage Foreign Workers Effectively

How many immigrant in Malaysia? As of 2019, immigrants in Malaysia amounted to approximately 3.43 million. Malaysia, one of the biggest economies in Southeast Asia, is an attractive destination for workers from neighboring countries seeking better wages and employment. However, only 2/3 of the immigrants are staying in Malaysia legally and the others are either overstayed in Malaysia or absconded from employer. 

Follow the 5 steps below to prevent workers absconded from your company. 

1. Make Your Workplace Place. Staying healthy and safe at work is important. Do you provide proper equipment and training to workers for their daily activities? As you know, most accident happen because the workers are not well trained and not provided with proper equipment, liked wearing a safety shoe. Never underestimate the risk of workplace because it can cause serious injury or death on workers. 

2. Make your Accommodation Comfort. A hostel which equipped with basic facilities, liked washroom, kitchen, restroom, etc.  is a must. Beside that, you need to get approval for workers hostel based on  the  minimum standard of housing, accommodation and facilities for workers 1990 , act 446 under section 24D . As a responsible employer, we would strongly encourage you to provide a comfort accommodation which more than the minimum requirements because hostel is the second home for the workers.  

3. Follow the Labor Law. Be aware that foreign workers are enjoying the same benefits liked local under the Malaysia Labor Law.  At most of the time, they never ask for annual leave although they are entitled for annual leave and sick leave. So, you may consider to award them if they never absent from work. As a result, they will more happy to work with you. Who don’t like to work with a employer who treat workers equally?

3. Respect the Workers. The best way to show respect is being polite and kind to the workers. Due to the different of culture and language, you need to be patient when you supervise them on work. But, we can guarantee that they can excel in work after proper training is provided. Moreover, you can try to understand their culture liked their religion and life habit. It will help you to work happily with them if you respect their culture. 

5. Understand the Workers Living Standard. How much they will satisfy with the pay? You can refer to the minimum wage (USD) at different country as below. Basically, you need to make sure they can earn more in Malaysia when they work overtime. So, this is why most of the workers don’t satisfy if they are not provided with overtime. Plus, make sure you pay the  overtime wage  according to the Malaysia Labor Law rate. If you put yourself in their shoes, you will know the workers want. 

So, take care your workers welfare and they will take care your business. 

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Min Monthly Wage (USD)
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