Things To Know For Recalibration (PATI Legalization) 2020/21

Don’t want to be cheated under Recalibration (PATI Legalization) 2020/21?Here are the important notes you should know. Firsta brief introduction of Recalibration. Recalibration is a legalization program for undocumented migrant workers (PATI) which launched from 16 November 2020 to 30 Jun  2021. So, what can you do under the program? You can : 

  1. Get a working visa (PLKS) for your undocumented migrant workers (PATI) 
  2. Surrender your undocumented migrant workers (PATI) with minimum compound and send them back to source country

Click here to download the  official FAQ by Immigration Malaysia. 

Is my business eligible under the  Recalibration program? Is my worker qualified for the application? Your answers is here. 

Is my business eligible under the Recalibration program? 

  1. Yes if your business involve manufacturing, construction, agriculture and plantation. How about others? Sorry, its not allowed for other sectors. 
  2. Yes if your company is not blacklisted or suspended by authority parties liked Immigration Malaysia and Labor Department Malaysia (JTKSM).
  3. Yes if your company is eligible to get approval from JTKSM when you make application through system EPPAX. Click here to know how to get a approval from JTKSM. 

Is my worker qualified for the application?

  1.  Yes if they overstayed in Malaysia before 31st December 2020 with Social Visa (PLS) and Working Visa (PLKS) including domestic helper.  
  2. No if they are reported absconded from previous employer.
  3. Yes if they are not blacklisted or suspended by Immigration Malaysia. 
  4. Yes if their nation are Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar,  Laos, Vietnam, Philippine, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India & Indonesia 
  5. Yes if their passport validity is more than 18 months
  6. Yes if their Covid test result is negative before attending interview at immigration.

Last but not least, what is the official cost from authority party for Recalibration program? 

Total (RM)
Deposit when registration PATI immigration Malaysia
Recalibration Fee
Levy (Manufacturing/Construction/Plantation/Agriculture)
640 or 1850
Immigration Fee ( Pass, Visa, Process) depend on nation
200 +/-
Fomena Medical Test (Male/Female)
180 or 190
Insurance Premium
200 +/-

Off-course, you also can appoint a licensed employment agency to make your job easier. So, you can concentrate on core business. Hence, please feel to contact us by clicking here or drop your enquiry. 

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