Right Steps to Get Approval for Workers Hostel

Akta Standard Minimum Perumahan, Penginapan Dan Kemudahan Pekerja 1990 (Akta 446) has been fully enforced since 1st Sept 2020. Is your hostel eligible? If not, you can be penalized for maximum RM50,000 or imprisoned for maximum 1 year. Click here for the related news by JTKSM when they inspected a hostel from glove manufacturer. Furthermore, the failure of complying the act will cause difficulties in hiring of foreign workers in future.

Let us show you the right steps to get approval for workers hostel and act now before its too late. 

  1. Determine which type of building.
    • Apartment/Terrence House/Bungalow/Shop House 
    • Shop Office/SoHo/SoFo
    • Cabin
    • Estate House 
  2. Prepare the related documents and submit application by online at http://akta446.mohr.gov.my .
    • Company SSM Registration Profile by applicant 
    • Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC)*except cabin & estate house
    • Approval letter for renovating building (if any) 
    • Approval letter for amending  building activity *shop office/SoHo/SoFo
    • Approval letter for occupying temporary building*cabin
    • Tenancy agreement with stamping LHDN
    • Certified floor plan by architect*Click here if need someone to draw a floor plan 
    • Exterior & Interior photos*rest room with facilities, living/dining room,  kitchen with facilities, toilet & bathroom, hanging cloths airspace 
    • Basic requirement facilities
      • mattress which min thickness 4 inch with cover 
      • bed which min seize 1.7 m2
      • pillow & blanket with cover 
      • personal locked cabinet which min seize 0.35m long x 0.35m wide x 0.90m height
      • first aid kit 
      • dustbin 
      • dinning table with chairs 
      • Ceiling/Wall lamp
      • Ceiling/Wall/Stand fan 
      • fire extinguisher (if any)
    •  Maximum resident capacity
      • 3.0 m2(dormitory) or  3.6 m2(non-dormitory) room space per resident
      • 15 pax (dormitory) or 6 pax (non-dormitory) per shared toilet
  3. Prepare 2 set application profile and submit to the nearest JTKSM branch together with process fee in bank draft.
    • For employer
      • less than 10 workers per unit , RM100 
      • More than 10 workers per unit, RM300  
    • For Centralized Labor Quarter (CLQ)
      • less than 500 workers per unit, RM2000 
      • More than 500 workers per unit, RM5000 
  4. Wait for the inspection by JTKSM & follow up with pending compliance (if any).
  5. Collect the approval letter at main office JTKSM, Putrajaya and you are done. 

It sound easy, rite? Here are the difficulties you may face.

  1. Different local authority party has different regulations, liked some local authority party not allow shop house converted to be hostel. 
  2. Property owner has lost the CCC or some building liked estate house don’t have CCC at all.  
  3. Floor plan is not certified by architect or the original floor plan is differ from the actual building.  
  4. Some owners don’t rent their property to be used as hostel. 
  5. Your workers refuse to follow hostel regulations, especially taking care the hygiene. 

But, don’t worry. There is always a solution to every problem. Do whatever you can to let JTKSM know you are in progress.

In spite of that, click here if you want to know the tips on getting approval in shortest time. It save time and cost. 

Feel free to click here for your enquiry. 

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2 thoughts on “Right Steps to Get Approval for Workers Hostel”

  1. Good sharing especially the difficult parts that employer will facing for sure , thanks. However, may I know how to check the application status after being audited by JTK officer?

    1. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email from JTKSM . Generally, you need to collect the certificate at state JTKSM or print at your own depend on the state policy.

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