Is Maid Hiring Through Agency or Direct Hiring Better

In Malaysia, you can hire maid (Foreign Domestic Helper) through agency or direct hiring with System Maid Online (SMO) . Here’re the pros and cons between the two (2) process. 

Direct Hiring
Hiring through Agency
Entry Malaysia Visa
Social Visitor Pass (except eVisa or eNTRI)
Visa With Reference (VDR)
Source of Maid
Licensed Recruitment Agency Type B or C
Basic Knowledge Training
Yes. All maid must attend training before departure
Health Background
Yes. All maid must pass health screening before departure
Transferable to New Owner
Yes (for new arrival within first 12 months)
Replaceable with New Maid
Yes (for new arrival if health unfit)
System Maid Online Process – RM 1455 (maximum)
PLKS, Visa, Process, Levy – RM 645 (maximum)
FOMEMA health screening – RM190
FOMEMA health screening – RM190
Agency Fee
Employer need to arrange everything at own cost (if any)
Yes. It include basic knowledge training (at least one month), health screening, recruitment fee, travel cost, administration fee, etc.

In fact, there is no right or wrong for both process. If you can arrange everything with a good knowledge, then direct hiring is a better option to save cost. In other hand, appointing a licensed recruitment agency type B or C is costly. But, you are free from hassle work when you don’t have the knowledge. Last but not least, the common problem that we face is source of maid. Therefore,  your benefit is insurable when hiring maid through licensed recruitment agency type B or C. At least, you can lodge a report to JTKSM or Immigration Malaysia if you were scammed

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