Foreign Worker Management #1

We all try to work harmony with the foreign workers, but not all seem to have pleasant experience. Generally, we received most of the complaints are workers disobey the instruction or employers don’t execute the employment contract. What are the main causes for this dispute? 

Here’s the story.  Once upon a time, there was a monkey picked up a clock watch in the jungle. From the day onwards, he became the Monkey King because he can ordered other monkeys to work punctually with his clock watch. 

He was excited for that and he wanted to pickup another clock watch to make him more powerful. Off-course, he did pickup another clock watch. But, it didn’t go well later on because he always confused the time of the 2 clock watch. Eventually, he messed up the schedule and he lost his crown. 

The lesson of the story is to make sure your Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) is clear and unambiguos.  We call it the Clock Watch Principle and here are the important notes.  

  1. Always start with a simple task and guide them step by step till they master the work flow. 
  2. Appoint a permanent superior who can guide the workers, even better if he/she can speak their language. 
  3. Give a clear instruction to the workers. Don’t expect the problems to be solved with their way. 
  4. Follow the standard employment contract format  when hiring the workers, eventhough you have a better salary scheme. 
  5. Never overestimate the workers’ abilitity. Based on the Pareto Principle , only 20% of them able to outperform the job

The ideas sound simple, but sometimes it’s difficult to execute. Here we wish you happy learning and have a pleasant working experience with the foreign workers. 

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