Impact of Human Trafficking In Malaysia

Malaysia has been downgraded in the US State Department’s annual human trafficking report for not fully meet the minimum standards and demonstrate a significant effort to eliminate the human trafficking . Since 1970, Malaysia has successfully diversified its economy from an agriculture and commodity-based, to a manufacturing and service sectors. Therefore, Malaysia attracted large numbers of  foreign workers to fill the shortage labor for the low skilled industry. 

For that reason, forced labor (involuntary servitude) is the biggest sector of trafficking in Malaysia. Hence, we can’t ignore the impact of human trafficking. 

Here’s why?

  1. Its a global health risk. We are facing the pandemic covid-19. Despite that, the incidence of Tuberculosis (TB) tended to increase in Malaysia. Due to that, we can’t sure that the undocumented foreign workers are fit to work without medical screening. 
  2. It deprives the human rights. Labor department found that less than 30% employers meet the minimum housing standards. Beside that, the undocumented foreign workers are not protected under the employment act, liked medical insurance cover
  3. It promotes the growth of organized crime. Female foreigners without valid travel documents engage in prostitution. Off-course, we aware that all kind of prohibited activities will harm the community safety.  
  4. It threats the safety and security of a nation. Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, the mastermind of terrorist attack had traveled to Malaysia several times. Due to the visa-waiver program, Malaysia has been regarded as a safe haven, transit point, and logistics hub by terrorist groups.
  5. It harms the economic. Taxes contribute to the gross domestic product (GDP) of a country. As you know , Malaysia government consider an individual as tax resident regardless of  nationality.

Last but not least, the main cause for the human trafficking is corruption. Corruption will vanish our country achievements which build for decades. Let us work together to make a better Malaysia.

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