Overstayed Maid Legalization

A great news for the employers who look for maid (Domestic Helper). You can legalize the overstayed maid for now. This special program is available till end of year 2021. Here are the things you should know. 

  1. Who is eligible for the program?
    • Overstayed maid who have a valid passport with social visitor pass. Then, she overstayed not more than 4 years. Furthermore, she must pass the FOMEMA medical screening. 
  2. Can the maid be transfered to a new owner?
    • Yes. The maid can be transfered twice (2) during this period till end of year 2021 provided her age is between 18 to 55 during the process. 
  3. How do i get started?
    • Just register with the System Maid Online (SMO). Upon approval, employer need to pay the compund in lieu of the overstayed period for the overtstayed maid. 

Last but not least, should i appoint an agent for the process? Employer can process without third party unless you don’t clear with the work flow. If necessary, please appoint a licensed employement agency to assist you.

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