Hard to Meet Recalibration (Pemutihan PATI) Program

Recalibration, the latest program to apply Temporary Employement Pass (Pass Lawatan Kerja Sementara) for undocumented immigrant since Nov 2020. Probably, the program will end on Jun 2021. Despite that, the undocumented immigrant is encouraged to back to home country through this program. So, you can do the application by yourself or appoint a recruitment agency with license C to do on behalf. Nonetheless, it’s hard to meet the recalibration requirements. Here are the difficulties. 

  1. Not all undocumented immigrants (PATI) qualify to apply Temporary Employment Pass (Pass Lawatan Kerja Sementara), PLKS. In fact, only those PATI who came to Malaysia with legal entry record is allowed to apply PLKS. Despite that, others Visa holders liked student, expatriate, 6P, Rehiring, etc. also not eligible to apply PLKS. As a matter of fact, background checking for PATI is important before you register with the program. 
  2. If the PATI qualify to apply PLKS, they can register with the program If the passport is valid more than 18 months. Otherwise, they need to apply new passport. However, collection of new passport  can take more than 1 month. In that case, time is insufficient to complete the full process unless the government bodies will extend the program.  
  3.  Not all companies qualify to apply PLKS for the PATI. Actually, Recalibration process is different from the previous PATI legalization program. For this program, Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Semenanjung Malaysia), JTKSM will approve the quota based on the applicant profile. Therefore, click here to check your pre-approval and seek advice from the professional
  4. Either the PATI or the company do not qualify for the program, you need to register them with the program to send them back to home country  because hiring PATI can be fined or imprisoned or both. However, it’s not easy to book a flight ticket due to the serious pandemic. 

Last but not least, all actions which need to attend immigration must make an appointment through Online Appointment Application (STO). Then, you also need to apply approval from the nearest police station to cross state or district due to the movement control order. Therefore , opening time is limited and register now with the program if you interested. 

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