Does Malaysia Need Foreign Workers

Does Malaysia need foreign workers ? Since 1970, foreign workers gave contribution to our country development, especially for infrastructure development and manufacturing industry. Further, SME contributed GDP for 38.2% with a value added of RM512.8 billion in 2020

Till today, many SME (small and medium enterprise) operation depend on foreign labor. The reasons why SME depend on foreign labor are: –

  1. Sales turnover of the company is not capable to automate the production line.
  2. Nature of the production line or small scale industries are difficult to be automated, liked harvesting work at oil palm estate.
  3. Maintanance for the automation production line is costly when machine repairing need specialist from overseas. 
  4. The locals are not interested with 3D (Dirty, Dangerous & Difficult) work because they have better options to make living, liked GRAB driver
  5. Due to family issues, the locals unable to commit with fixed and long working hours because operation line will run more than 8 or 24 hours a day. 

Therefore, we can’t deny that industries in Malaysia are shortage of labor. For that, we need a better plan for hiring foreign workers while protecting the locals benefit. Actually, Malaysia will implement multi-tier levy system on coming Jan 2021, liked Singapore. 

Due to shortage of labor,  some foriegn workers are forced to work more than 10 hours. Hence, we are in a hurry to have a better enforcement policy to solve the biggest sector of human tracfficking, forced labor in Malaysia . Then, foreign workers welfare will also be protected when the hiring process is legal. 

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